One Young Lions group won two awards

From day one they were divided into three groups and one person from each group presented their work for the congress.

The  presentation by the winning group in the category "Reinventing Retail"

The presentation by the winning group in the category “Reinventing Retail”

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Heres the three categories and winners:

  • Reinventing retail – winner: Group “Super 8″. Group 8 want to reinvent reality through Google-galsses. In the future Google-glasses will be a part of every household and through these glasses the lottery-industry can show dreams where ever the customer is. If its shopping for milk or walking around town.
  • Lottery Refresh – winner: Group “Super 8″ (Andreas Kummer, Ville Venojärvi, Tadas Malinauskas, Stefan Zandt, Nikolaos Fountas, Hrafn Ingvarsson, Nicola Hayden and Annika Hjälm). “Home start” is a Lotto-app called Lotte Run. You use this when you go for your workout and for every mile you run you earn money for a good cause. You can also make this a social-experience by sharing the distance with your friends and challenge them to run further than you.
  • Next Generation Games – Winner: Team one ( Naveed Akhtar, Clément Atlan, Carolien Brunsveld van Hulten, Kamil Gajewski, Christian Hädicke, Jan Riedsel, Eva Kepka and Maanus Hurt). Swipe Raffle fits into everyday lifestyle because its quick an it creates choice. Lottery whenever and wherever you are. Its quick and creates choices. A unique lottery app that lets me enter a raffle price draw every 7 minutes. You can choose how much you want to play for and what you want to win.

See the video for more information about the award.


Publised 11. June 2015